On Saturday, June 9, 2012, Sheriff Chris Clinton spoke at
Ramey Mountain Home Owner’s Association’s annual
picnic.  Sheriff Clinton spoke about the Georgia Sheriffs’
Youth Homes and decreased donations to the organization
due to the economy, and encouraged donations to the
worthy cause.  He also spoke about the 30% reduction in
crime in Towns County over the last four years due
proactive law enforcement and community involvement.  He
also spoke of transparency and openness in government.
On Saturday, May 5,
2012, Chatuge Gun Club
President Ed Jones
held a class on safe
handling of firearms.
Mr. Jones asked
Towns County Sheriff
Chris Clinton to
present an update on
related gun laws
and use-of-force
issues to the group.
Sheriff Clinton speaks to a group of
retired teachers.  October 9, 2008.
Left:  Sheriff Clinton briefly addresses the crowd on
June 16, 2012.

Right:  (L to R) Towns County Sheriff Chris Clinton,
9th District Congressional Candidate, Roger
Fitzpatrick, and Chuck Luca, Towns County GOP
Sheriff Clinton instructs deputies
on the seven fundamentals of
shooting.  September, 2008.
Sheriff Clinton
presents recognition
award to Chatuge Gun
Club President Ed
Jones for their work on
Towns County's
Georgia Sheriffs' Youth
Homes benefit trap
July, 2010.
Sheriff Clinton instructs a class for the Institute of Continued Learning at
Young Harris College.  Topics included the history of the Office of Sheriff,
modern day peace keeping, and the extensive duties of the county sheriff.  
The three-day class, taught over a period of three weeks, began in February,
2012 and concluded in March, 2012.
Sheriff Clinton receives the Top Ten Award
at the July, 2010 Sheriffs' Summer Training
Conference for placing 5th in the state in
fund raising for the Georgia Sheriffs' Youth
A citizen snapped this picture of Sheriff Clinton assisting a
stranded motorist. The Sheriff helped the motorist push his
disabled vehicle out of the roadway. Thanks for sending in
the picture!
On Sunday, June 24, 2012,
Sheriff Clinton received an
award of special recognition
from the Georgia Jail
Association at their annual
conference at Brasstown
Valley Resort.  This is the
second award Sheriff Clinton
has received from the GJA.  
The first was in 2008.
Sheriff Clinton observes the bullet trajectory.
Towns County Sheriff's Office re-cert
class in less-lethal weapons -- OC
spray and ASP baton.
Sheriff Clinton speaks to
attendees of the Towns County
GOP's annual BBQ.
On a busy Saturday in October, Sheriff Clinton (AKA Coach Clinton) speaks
with other Republican candidates at the Towns GOP Get Out the Vote Rally
(left), and briefly addresses a crowd of gun class participants (right) before
heading to coach youth football.  Yearly, Sheriff Clinton  instructs the Use of
Force portion of this gun class sponsored by NRA instructor and Chatuge
Gun Club president, Ed Jones.
Sheriff Clinton speaks with
citizens at Towns County's
Heritage Festival.
On Wednesday, October 17, Sheriff
Clinton visited the 3- and 4-year-old class
at the McConnell Memorial Church
Preschool.  He spoke to the kids about
safety. The children
were very attentive and, of course, full of
questions. Topics included “stranger
danger,” staying away from guns, the role
of the sheriff’s deputies in keeping
children safe, and Halloween safety. The
Sheriff enjoyed the fun time with the
children and they all invited him back for
another visit.